Bicycle in Malaysia

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Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
Automotive & Motorcycle, Business & Finance, Computing, Gadgets & IT, Education & Learning, General Interest, Health & Fitness, Beauty, Cooking, Dining, Entertainment & Events, Fashion, Luxury, Property & Home, Services, Special Interest: Gardening, Special Interest: Marketing, Advertising & Media, Special Interest: Pet Supplies, Special Interest: Recruitment & HR, Special Interest: Religion & Personal Growth, Special Interest: Wedding, Sports, Teens, Children & Parenting, Travel & Leisure
Monthly Income Range
1,000 – 10,000
Prices From
RM 10,000.00

Advantages of Bicycle Advertising

Bike sharing has arrived in Malaysia! As we all discover a whole new way of moving around in the city, bike rentals are creating a whole new way for you to advertise.

The biggest advantage of bike advertising in Malaysia is how bike sharing technology has put bikes almost everywhere in Malaysia's hottest spots. Thanks to its free-floating nature, bicycles don't have to be returned to a fixed rental location and are available all around town. This means your ads will be seen on all sidewalk-friendly zones in the city.

Advantages of Bicycle Advertising

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