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              Campaign Start Date
              Creative Home

              Creative Home is Malaysia’s first free home living magazine and first bilingual (English and Chinese) home living and lifestyle magazine, printed monthly with distribution in both West and East Malaysia. The magazine has been on par with local and ...

              50,000 Print Circulation
              MYR 4,500
              MYR 3,500
              Executive TV

              Executive TV is an ambient out-of-home television network that operates in the elevator lobbies of premium offices and commercial buildings in the prime business districts of Malaysia. It has a daily reach of 105,000 eyeballs. Executive TV can be fou...

              Ambient (Video)
              105,000 Viewers
              MYR 14,000
              MYR 10,000

              Gantries have evolved to become one of the most sought after forms of advertising due to its strategic placement. It faces on-coming traffic, and with its sheer size and uncluttered environment, it is a very efficient way of advertising.

              Billboard (Still)
              1,300,000 Automotive Traffic
              MYR 27,000
              MYR 24,000
              GSC Cinemas

              Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) is Malaysia’s largest cinema exhibitor that operates a total of 306 screens in 33 locations across Malaysia. GSC recorded a total admission of over 36 million customers in Malaysia in 2016, a whopping 53% of the industry...

              2,900,000 Moviegoers
              MYR 6,720
              MYR 1,680

              Taxi advertising offer a cost effective, flexible outdoor advertising solution. Reaching a mass audience of millions on a daily basis and delivering you brand, message and offers to your target audience.

              Taxi (Still)
              218,400 Automotive Traffic
              MYR 27,000
              MYR 20,000
              iN Design

              iN Design is Malaysia’s first bi-monthly trilingual (English/Chinese and English/Bahasa Malaysia) interior design magazine. In every issue, it features up to 15 designers’ portfolios and design firms’ contacts. iN Design also features the lates...

              40,000 Print Circulation
              MYR 4,500
              MYR 3,500
              Lite FM

              LiteFM is Malaysia's first choice for easy listening favorites with a weekly reach of 816,000 listeners aged between 35-49 years old who mainly live in Central and Northern market centers. Married with children, they are mostly affluent, work hard an...

              816,000 Listeners
              MYR 130,500
              MYR 71,500
              MBO Cinemas

              As Malaysia's third largest cinema operator, MBO is considered as one of the most diversified cinemas in the country with a reach of more than 11 million moviegoers in a year.

              11,327,897 Moviegoers
              MYR 940
              MYR 780
              MELODY FM

              Malaysia's number one choice for golden Chinese hits, MELODY FM has a weekly reach of 882,000 listeners aged between 35-49 years old in key market areas who are mostly working married adults with children.

              882,000 Listeners
              MYR 134,500
              MYR 84,500
              Mix FM

              Malaysia's number one choice for variety, MIX fm reaches 886,000 listeners each week aged mostly between 25- 39 years old living in Central and Southern urban areas. Romance, mortgages, new babies and new devices are part and parcel of their lives.

              886,000 Listeners
              MYR 141,000
              MYR 110,000

              Rodeo is an on-demand rideshare advertising platform that services the sharing economy. We connect Advertisers with rideshare passengers via relevant, interactive, contextual video/display ads. Rodeo is a SaaS platform that utilizes public and pr...

              Taxi (Video)
              104,000 Viewers
              MYR 15,000
              MYR 10,500
              Sinar FM

              Sinar FM is Malaysia's second most popular radio station, reaching 4.5 million modern Malay listeners aged between 25-39 years old each week whose lives are guided by the pillars of Islam. The listeners live in urban and suburban areas, and are spiri...

              4,523,000 Listeners
              MYR 293,000
              MYR 197,500
              TGV Cinemas

              TGV Cinemas (formerly known as Tanjong Golden Village) is the second largest cinema chain in Malaysia. It has a reach of 1.8 million moviegoers every month. TGV Cinemas can be found in 34 different locations throughout Malaysia, including high-traffi...

              1,800,000 Moviegoers
              MYR 4,840
              MYR 1,800
              THR Gegar

              THR Gegar is Malaysia's number one East Coast radio station with a monthly reach of 2.8 million East Coast Malay listeners aged between 20 - 39 years old who are mainly from Kelantan, Pahang and Terengganu. They have traditional outlooks, and enjoy s...

              2,823,000 Listeners
              MYR 73,500
              MYR 52,000
              THR Raaga

              THR Raaga is Malaysia's number one Tamil radio station that reaches 1.6 million Tamil speaking Indians aged between 20-34 years old every week who view THR Raaga as an aspirational lifestyle resource.

              1,660,000 Listeners
              MYR 110,500
              MYR 70,500